Full Name
Lisa Makowski
Job Title
Vice President of Marketing & Customer Experience
Company Name
United Hardware
Speaker Bio
Lisa Makowski joined the marketing team for United Hardware in 2010 as a Marketing Coordinator. She brought her graphic design education and customer service experience to enhance the marketing division and was soon leading the company buying markets. She continually worked to drive additional participation and knowledge in various marketing programs and enhance communications internally and externally. Over the years, Lisa progressed through various roles within the company and was recently promoted to Vice President of Marketing & Customer Experience in the Spring of 2023.

In Lisa’s role as Vice President, she leads and mentors team members involved in communications, event planning (buying markets), marketing programs, brand development, ecommerce, and customer service. Additionally, the marketing team is growing its partnership with human resources to enhance employee engagement and help build a high-performance culture in the organization.

Lisa comes from an extensive background in graphic design and customer service. She has a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, Wisconsin. While at the University, Lisa held multiple customer service jobs, was involved in graphic design internships was part of the collegiate tennis team.

Outside of work Lisa in very involved and supportive of her two kid’s activities. She is especially focused on her daughter’s year-round competition dance. Over the past three years, Lisa herself has danced competitively as well and performed for judges! This year Lisa and her family are spending their time volunteering with Cross Services, an organization partnered with United Hardware. This organization is committed to serving families and their local communities.
Lisa Makowski